Hot AT&T Uverse Coupon Codes for 2013

ATT U-Verse Coupon CodeAT&T is the world’s largest communications holding company, and the only national service provider in America offering a 100 percent IP-based television through their AT&T U-verse program.



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How it began

In 2005, AT&T was acquired by SBC Communications, and by 2007, the new AT&T was launched with a focus on wireless services. This became a reality the following year when AT&T U-verse was launched, acquiring 3.8 million customers by the end of 2010.

What is U-verse?

U-verse is a next generation digital service under which AT&T provides internet, television and telephone. It uses fiber optic technology to provide homes and businesses with 100 per cent digital TV, incredibly fast high speed internet, and an integrated digital home phone service.

What is fiber technology?

Fiber optics are much thinner than regular metal cables, providing digital rather than analog transmission, hence the clarity and speed of U-verse services. The fiber is strings of glass, thinner than hairs, which use light waves to transmit data. This affects internet speeds in particular, as fiber optics are able to transmit much more data than cable made from metal.

U-verse TV

AT&T U-verse television offers customers a high quality picture with clear images. All packages come with local stations, and there are several options to upgrade including adding sports, movies or international channels, or including HD viewing, with access to over 170 HD channels, the highest number in the industry.

U-verse TV comes with Total Home DVR allowing users to not only pause live TV and schedule recordings, but also to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV, record up to four programs at once, and watch from any TV set in the home. It also allows you to watch several screens at once with Multiview and even program the DVR while on the go using U-verse Mobile.

More recently, AT&T U-verse has introduced the first integrated Wireless Receiver in the industry, allowing customers to set up their televisions anywhere in the house, even without a TV outlet, and still watch everything on U-verse TV.

U-verse Internet

AT&T U-verse high speed internet offers incredibly fast and secure internet access with a built-in wireless networking system. Offering a download stream of up to a huge 24 Mbps, U-verse internet also gives customers unlimited nationwide dial-up internet access at no extra charge with the AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network.

U-verse Wireless Gateway

Internet and TV are brought together throughout the home with the U-verse Wireless Gateway which enables wireless networking with a secure encryption. It not only allows the wireless connection to computers and TVs, but also to other wireless devices such as printers, cameras, and more. With a professional grade Firewall, it also protects against many internet threats.

U-verse Voice

Thanks to the use of advanced fiber optics, U-verse voice offers a crystal clear digital home phone service, with more than twenty calling features as standard, including Caller ID and Call Waiting. More recently, U-verse voice has added TV Caller ID, where an incoming caller’s details show up on the TV screen, letting you know who is calling without having to get up. Furthermore, when U-verse Voice is bundled with U-verse TV, users get extra interactive features including the ability to return calls using just the TV and remote, or view your recent call history on both your TV and your computer.

Using AT&T U-verse

By the end of 2011, AT&T U-verse TV had more than 3.8 million customers, while U-verse internet had 5.2 million subscribers. This continued increase in demand for the service is, in part, due to a number of special offers and promotions from AT&T, as well as the occasional AT&T U-Verse Coupon Code, which has helped subscribers save money on anything from installation to services.
Saving with AT&T U-verse

While customers can opt for just one U-verse package, most find the greatest savings by bundling packages together for automatic discounts. U-verse customers also get to save even further with exclusive special offers.

U-verse Enabled Apps

One of the latest pieces of news announced early 2012, is an application that lets U-verse customers use their Smartphone or tablet to send video directly to their TV screen.

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